The Culture of The American West

Introducing China to the Culture of the American West!  Rodeo, one of America’s oldest sports, Western Music, and Western Lifestyle Events


 Our vision is to be the catalyst for engagement between Chinese and US citizens for greater understanding and friendship through educational and cultural exchange.\ 

We are confident that our “Western Culture” will help build a new connection between US and Chinese citizens, both rural and urban.

In the process, the discovery of those common “Western” values will create greater understanding and harmony between our cultures, empowering individuals from both cultures to become better Global Citizens.


Why Introduce Western Culture to China?

  • Our inspiration is to share “The Culture of the American West, Rodeo” with the Chinese people as an educational and cultural exchange. Understanding each other’s past helps our countries learn to appreciate each of our rich cultures.
  • Our history and culture are very young, but “Rodeo,” is one of our oldest American family traditions! All ages participate and work to help their family members win the different events. They celebrate after the rodeo with line dancing and country music!
  • America’s oldest sport, rodeo, had its origins on the farm and ranches in the 1850’s, and continues today to be enjoyed by thousands of Americans, young and old at rodeos all over the United States.
  • Rodeo will introduce our Chinese friends to the real American Cowboy and Cowgirl, and help them understand how they have influenced our country. Today, many of these young cowboys and cowgirls start competing at age 4 in different events.
  • The American Cowboys and Cowgirls will have a chance to meet the Chinese people. They look forward to learning about the history of the Mongolian horses, and visit some of China’s historical landmarks, so they can better understand the Chinese history and culture.
  • We seek to inspire American and Chinese young people to realize that “The Code of the West” principles are the basis for success in life and help all of us to be better Global Citizens
  • Our goal is to provide an opportunity for both Chinese and Americans to unilaterally learn about each other’s culture and history, where they discover those common values which will create greater understanding and harmony between our two countries.Profits will be used to fund Scholarships for American students to students to study in China.
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