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Less Is Forever More, Inc. is a Georgia corporation originally established in April 1981 as Promotional Fashions Corporation by Richard and Carrie Tucker. Richard and Carrie established this corporation as a wholesale apparel business and flourished in this field independently for over 25 years. In February 2009, with the intention of retiring, they sold most of the business assets to a colleague and friend. They retained the corporation, however, and renamed it Less Is Forever More, Inc. This name expresses their philosophy of simplicity and leverage while continuing to accomplish great things, even while in retirement from the hectic world of commercial enterprises.

Previously, Richard had been National Sales Manager of James Cox and South East Sales Manager of Skiva International, as well as National Sales Manager of men’s apparel companies. At this time, Carrie was a buyer for Rich’s of Atlanta, Georgia, in the junior’s division. She left Rich’s in 1978 to work with Richard when he worked with the James Cox line.

Promotional Fashions grew by doing apparel shows in Atlanta, Georgia; Dallas, Texas; Las Vegas, Nevada; and Denver, Colorado. Atlanta and Dallas shows were held five times a year, while Las Vegas and Denver shows were held twice a year. The merchandise was purchased through vendors in New York, California, China, and India. Both Carrie and Richard traveled constantly to make sure the product to sell was the best for their customers in both style and price, and that the timing was right to maximize sales.

Richard and Carrie nurtured their business and were very involved in buying for and wholesaling to ladies’ apparel stores across the United States, Europe, Australia, and Japan. The business grew and was very profitable, selling ladies’ sportswear and western wear built around their experience of over twenty years.

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Rodeo China evolved out of their two passions: their love of the universities that they attended and their love of rodeo. Richard attended Tyler Junior College in Tyler, Texas, and Carrie attended Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina.

After they retired in 2009, they became anxious to follow their passions for rodeo and Asian Studies, and also determined to help both of the universities they loved so much. Carrie, who is Co-Chair of the Asian Studies Task Force at Furman, has worked to raise funds for the Asian Studies Department. Richard and Carrie have funded a program for freshman students to travel to China in the summer prior to their freshman year at Furman. During this program, the students study at Soochow University and see many of the amazing sites in China. They travel throughout the country and learn about China’s five-thousand-year-old culture.

Richard and Carrie both intend that, through Rodeo China, they will be able to introduce a wonderful cultural and educational event to the Chinese people. They would like to use most of the profits from this new enterprise to fund Asian Studies programs at Furman University and Tyler Junior College, which would take the form of scholarships for young Americans to study in China.