The 2011 National Finals Rodeo took place last week, December 1 – 10. Several of the cowboys and cowgirls that have been in contact with Rodeo China were invited to compete. Congratulations to all of them!

Will Lowe – 2nd place
Bobby Mote – 3rd place
Steven Dent – 4th place
Ryan Gray – 6th place
Clint Cannon – 8th place
Steven Peebles – 10th place
Tilden Hooper – 11th place
Wes Stevenson – 13th place

Saddle Bronc
Taos Muncy – 1st place
Wade Sundell – 3rd place
Bradley Harter – 5th place
Chad Ferley – 6th place
Jesse Bail – 7th place
Tyler Corrington – 8th place
Cody DeMoss – 10th place
Heith DeMoss – 11th place
Chuck Schmidt – 12th place
Ty Atchison – 13th place
Sam Spreadborough – 14th place

Steer Wrestling
Luke Branquinho – 1st place
Dean Gorsuch – 5th place
Billy Bugenig – 6th place
Mickey Gee – 8th place
Olin Hannum – 10th place
Blake Knowles – 11th place
Todd Suhn – 13th place

Team Roping – Headers
Matt Sherwood – 3rd place
Jake Barnes – 6th place
Derrick Begay – 7th place
Luke Brown – 10th place
Spencer Mitchell – 12th place

Team Roping – Heelers
Cory Petska – 3rd place
Jade Corkill – 4th place
Kory Koontz – 7th place
Cesar De La Cruz – 8th place
Martin Lucero – 10th place

Tie Down
Matt Shiozawa – 2nd place
Ryan Jarrett – 4th place
Tyson Durfey – 5th place
Hunter Herrin – 7th place
Clint Cooper – 8th place
Shane Hanchey – 11th place
Jerrad Hofstetter – 15th place

Bull Riding
Wesley Silcox – 7th place
Clayton Foltyn – 11th place
Steve Woolsey – 14th place
Tate Stratton – 15th place

Barrel Racing
Lindsay Sears – 1st place
Sherry Cervi – 3rd place
Lisa Lockhart – 4th place
Christina Richman – 9th place
Angie Meadors – 10th place
Jeanne Anderson – 11th place
Tammy Fischer – 13th place
Britany Fleck – 14th place