Date: September 6, 2011

Due to complex quarantine requirements and their challenges, as well as Rodeo China’s desire to comply with all regulatory protocols of China, the United States and Australia, the timeline could not be met to get the livestock in place for the rodeo. Therefore the event, originally scheduled for October 3 to 10th at the National Stadium in Beijing, had to be postponed.

Rodeo China has always been focused on cultural and educational exchange programs that would give our countries additional opportunities to learn more about each other and to create a new bond of how we can work together, of which programs the rodeo is a part.

The great sport of rodeo, which developed on farms and ranches, is a family experience and a community event. Family members help each other care for their animals and compete with other farmers and ranchers on skills each has learned on the farm or ranch. Our 4-H Club, Future Farmers of America, and Little Britches Rodeo young people focus on animal husbandry and develop leadership skills which give them the foundation to be successful in any field of life. National rodeo grew from these commitments to family values and responsible animal husbandry.

China and the United States of America share common bonds with strong foundations in rural and farm culture. Our hope through Rodeo China is to continue to grow knowledge and learning about each country’s distinct heritage thus increasing the mutual cultural exchanges between our two great countries. We look forward to bringing Rodeo China to China and strengthening this bond.